TAKE YOUR MARK In 1991 Pam Lazzarotto launched Vintage Revival Accessories in Los Angeles. Today, Pam Lazzarotto Designs has evolved and offers vintage, one-of-a-kind, sterling, silver and gold-plated metals; all mixed with pearls & semi-precious stones. Her jewelry lines cover fashion and sport; jewelry for work or sport, day or evening.

SOMETHING OLD Inspired by antique markets in California, a move from fashion clothing to accessories was a natural progression for Pam’s creative instincts and an eye for vintage jewelry. The first piece she made for herself caught the attention of a store buyer; her business grew from that moment.
Vintage pieces are the essence of her designs. The designer points out, “My first web site didn’t offer these exquisite pieces, but with many client requests, the vintage pieces are now offered online.”

SOMETHING NEW Historical details, asymmetrical designs and pearls are signature elements found in Pam Lazzarotto Designs. Over the years her pieces have been sought by high end clothing boutiques, have appeared in magazines and movies, and been worn by celebrities and pro athletes.

FOLLOW YOUR HEART Active wear and sport style is  gaining in importance  in clothing, a trend now appearing in jewelry and accessories. “Design is an  extension of the designer; it makes sense that my jewelry with a sport influence  has emerged - competitive swimming - from Toronto to  University of Arizona -  pool, open water and coaching, has shaped my life  since I was 7 years old,”  says  the designer.

FITNESS IS IN The sport line caters to water, swimming and triathlon enthusiasts…lots of blues and greens and all things from the water - pearls, shells, sea creatures and nautical influences. Casual, colorful pieces with sport pendants that say, ‘swim’ or ‘swim, bike, run,’ gives the active individual a way to show off their sport through jewelry.

The company mission is to inspire, encourage and support women to feel good about themselves through fashion and sport. We have created jewelry that communicates a beautiful story for the wearer. Through promotions, Pam Lazzarotto Designs assists clients with community fundraising and encourages athletes to achieve their personal or team goals.

Please look on our web site for our Ambassador Athletes and fundraising opportunities.