Giving Back

Pam Lazzarotto Designs (PLD) is about being creative - let us support your ‘good cause/s’ by working together. Rather than stating which causes we are going to sponsor or support, WE LET YOU TELL US how we can help in your fundraising efforts.

How to Begin

1) Email us and tell us about your fundraising event. What charity, organization, school, sports team etc. and why you are raising\donating money. We will post your name or the charity listed at the Check Out stage of our site where customers will need to check off your name\charity. Your charity will receive up to 25% of these sales (before taxes). At the end of your event (or the end of each month) PLD will tally the $ results and notify you. We will forward a check to you in the name of your charity at the event closing.

2) It is up to you to promote your sales event by passing along the PLD web site to your fundraising friends\team and telling them we will be donating a portion of the sales to ‘your cause’.

3) This is like a Home Party Jewelry Event that you are hosting, except it’s via the internet and it runs longer than a home party. Shall we call it, Internet Jewelry and Charity Event? Perhaps that is a good starting point for an email or FB message to your team.

Let’s work together to make the world a better place - every piece of jewelry sold makes the world more beautiful - the more sold, the more success for your ‘Special Cause’.


To sponsor  one or both of our athletes please use one of these codes "Help Support  Megan" or "Help Support Lexie" when checking out and 10% of your order will go towards sponsoring our Athletes!!